Oxford Tours

Cotswold and Oxford Tours offer walking tours of Oxford with a local guide.

Choose one of the following  tours, or we can develop a bespoke tour for you – just contact us 

The Jewels of Oxford

  • Explore the city’s hidden lanes with a local Oxford guide.
  • Visit one of Oxford’s world famous colleges. We can not guarantee entry to a particular colleges – it varies from day to day as they are places of work. 
  • See the beautiful 15th century Divinity School – a filming location for  Harry Potter and The Favourite starring Olivia Coleman 

find out about Oxford’s eccentric customs, the history of the university and what life is like for a student today.

Oxford’s dreaming spires

Magical Oxford 

  • Visit Oxford’s Harry Potter filming locations.
  • See Hogwart’s hospital wing and the Muggle college hall on which Hogwart’s Great Hall is based.
  • Find out where Draco Malfoy was turned into a ferret.
  • Discover how Oxford influenced great children’s books including Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Sir Philip Pullman’s books about Lyra.
  • This is a good family outing


    The Hall Christchurch Oxford provided the inspiration for Hogwart’s Great Hall. By kind permission of the Dean and Canons of Christ Church

Murderous Oxford

  • Oxford played a starring role in the TV series Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour, which were inspired by the novels of local author the late Colin Dexter.
  • Sleuth out filming locations around the city with one of our guides.
  • You could have a drink in one of the pubs loved by Inspector Morse or find out where Hathaway drank a cup of poisoned coffee.

In which Oxford college did the young Endeavour develop fear of heights?

Vintage bus used in recent filming of Endeavour in Oxford

Oxford Scientists

Oxford has played an important part in lives of many scientists. Find out about:

  • the only British woman to be awarded a Nobel Prize for science. 
  • Robert Boyle of Boyle’s Law
  • the scientist who came up with the idea for using a canaries in coalmines.

Radcliffe Observatory


An Oxford Experience: Punting

  • If you have more than a couple of hours in Oxford why not have a go at punting. 
  • It is one of the most beautiful ways to see the river and is great fun.

Oxford punts

Tabby from Cotswold and Oxford Tours punting.

Blenheim Palace

  • You could include a visit to Blenheim Palace a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is a short drive from Oxford.
  • The Palace is the birthplace of Winston Churchill.
  • It was given to the  1st Duke of Marlborough by Queen Anne in 1704

Blenheim Palace


Costs are based on fees recommended by the Guild of Tourist Guides

It is advisable to take out travel insurance.

Terms follow the guidelines set by the British Guild of Tourist Guides.

Cancellations with less than 7 days  notice will incur a charge.



Entrance to Oxford colleges and other sites  is not included.

You will also need to cover the cost of any transport and refreshments.


Cotswold and Oxford Tours can arrange for a coach, taxi, or chauffeur driven car.



We would recommend:

  • good walking shoes
  • waterproof clothing or sunscreen and sun hat  (Britain is famous for its changeable weather)
  • bottle of water